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Revelation Today: Video

The 2019 Revelation Today series Video Files.

Sessions 1 to 9 Video Files (Plus Bonus Sabbath Session).

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Thank you for your patience.

Friday night (02/15):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 1 - Can God Be Trusted?
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Saturday night (02/16):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 2 - Seeing The Signs
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Sunday night (02/17):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 3 - Hope For A Planet In Crisis
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Monday night (02/18):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 4 - The Second Coming: Fact Or Fiction?
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Tuesday night (02/19):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 5 - Peace On Earth
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Thursday night (02/21):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 6 - Judgement Day
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Friday night (02/22):
7:00pm - Revelation Today Part 7 - Quality Time
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Saturday morning (02/23):
11:15am - Revelation Today Part 8 - The Mystery Of Death
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Saturday afternoon (02/23):
2:00pm - Revelation Today Part 9 - Would God Really Do That?
By Pastor John Bradshaw

Saturday morning (02/16):
11:15am - Revelation Today Bonus - Freefall
By Pastor John Bradshaw

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