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See With New Eyes: Flash Drive/ DVD/ Blu-Ray/ CD Request Page

Welcome to the See With New Eyes -
Flash Drive, DVD, Blu-Ray & CD Request Page.

Suggested donation prices:

Audio CD set--------------------------$10
Video DVD set-------------------------$20
Video Blu-Ray set----------------------$20
Video Flash Drive----------------------$30

Video DVD set & Audio CD set------------$25
Video Blu-Ray set & Audio CD set---------$25
Video Flash Drive & Audio CD set----------$35

Shipping------------------------------$ 5

All prices are a 'Suggested Donation' to help cover production costs.

The folloing information is still being decided as files/ audio/ video are not completed.  Will be updated once known:

Each Flash Drive will come in a case.

Each DVD set is ?? DVDs in a plastic case.

Each Blu-Ray set is ?? Blu-Ray discs in a plastic case.

Each CD set is ? CDs in a plastic case.

When ready to place your order, please click link below.

See With New Eyes: Flash Drive, DVD, Blu-Ray, & CD Request Form

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